Buy The Cleaver wine online

Here you can buy The Cleaver wine online and know some ideas for pairing this excellent smotth and dark wine.

Red Blend Dense. Rich. Intense.

Deep and dark, The Cleaver is silky smooth with threads of acidity that pace from front to back, balancing the full-bodied weight of this wine. A definite delight in the flavor department, this blend of red varietals offers black plum, blackberry jam, and a smidge of peppercorn to keep it interesting.

As the name implies, this wine is designed to go with big cuts of delicious meat. But its food-friendly nature extends to distinctive, aged cheeses, rubs with interesting spices, and a few other items that are still found in your butcher’s realm like pork, lamb, or turkey.

Interested in what to pair this with? Check out some ideas and a few recipes.